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About The FlowRake

FlowRake features welded stainless steel one-piece construction that will outlast the pumps it protects.

The FlowRake can be installed for use as pretreatment to wastewater treatment facilities and installation should be made on isolated lift stations. The FlowRake is intended for non-pressurized lines and should be installed on influent gravity lines.

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Technical Information

What Sets Us Apart

The Device

A waste capturing device used for catching and retaining nondispersible articles which are discharged from a sewer conduit to prevent these articles from interfering with the proper operation of a sanitary lift station. More particularly, the device includes a mount that is extended over a discharge pipe and includes a peg extendable into the discharge pipe. It is sometimes referred to as a bar screen or rag catcher.

The Mount

The mount supports the FLOWRAKE assembly that is positioned below the discharge pipe and extends generally horizontally therefrom. The mount includes a grip for removing the device from the pipe as well as a rod socket, which therein a threaded rod or bolt may be threaded, that extends in an opposite direction from the rake and abuts the wall to retain the rake in the proper orientation.

The Rake

As fluid flows outwardly from the pipe, any non-dispersible articles such as wet wipes and the like are captured by the stainless steel FLOWRAKE and held thereon until the rake is removed for cleaning.

Mounting & Removal

A 3/8-inch hole is drilled into the topside of the pipe approximately 1 1/2" from its end with a minimum of three inches of exposed pipe for proper mounting. The FLOWRAKE is then lowered by use of an extension pole and hook and fitting the peg inside of the previously drilled hole. Removal is accomplished by simply lifting the rake from its resting mount with extension pole and hook.

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Several Sizes Available

Standard sizes are available in (.119) stainless steel:
4-inch FLOWRAKE can attach to pipe sizes from 2 to 4 inch.
6-inch FLOWRAKE can attach to pipe sizes from 4 to 6 inch.
8-inch FLOWRAKE can attach to pipe sizes from 6 to 8 inch.

10-inch FLOWRAKE can attach to pipe sizes from 8 to 10 inch.

12-inch FLOWRAKE can attach to pipe sizes from 10 to 12 inch.
*Larger sizes are available for quote.

Specs and Ordering: About
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