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Catching flushables before they become problems

Protect your lift station pumps from damaging flushables with the operator-designed FlowRake rag catcher. It mounts on the pipe stub in your lift station, where it captures and retains flushables as they flow out of the pipe.

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What is the FlowRake?

The FlowRake is a device designed to protect employees and extend wastewater treatment equipment life. Its main purpose is the removal of non-disposable matters such as feminine products, baby wipes, flushable wipes, and more.

The FlowRake can be installed for use as pretreatment to wastewater treatment facilities and installation should be made on isolated lift stations. The FlowRake is intended for non-pressurized lines and should be installed on influent gravity lines.

Once installed, the FlowRake must be maintained regularly and is serviced from outside the lift stations wet well and without entry. The safety of employees always comes first.

The FlowRake extends pump life and reduces time between service calls. One avoidable service call will easily pay for the cost of one FlowRake. 

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FlowRake Features


Stainless Steel Construction

Made from stainless steel, the FlowRake will outlast most pumps and other installed equipment.

Easy Installation

The FlowRake mounts to your pipe stub using the integral locking peg. For proper installation, you need at least 3" of pipe sticking out from the wall.

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Maintenance is Safe & Easy

To keep workers safe, FlowRake is easily maintained from above ground - no need to enter the lift station or basin. Simply lift the FlowRake from its position on the pipe, discard the debris, and put the FlowRake back on the pipe.

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Our mission at FlowRake is simple: to provide a high-quality, well-constructed product that reduces service calls and protects pumps and equipment.

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"We were getting high wet well alarms at an average of 2 times per week until we installed the FLOWRAKE product. Installation was a breeze, it took about 20 minutes total to install 2 FLOWRAKES. Once installed, it takes us less than five minutes per week to pull and empty the FLOWRAKE and we have not experienced a high wet well alarm since.

The product paid for itself in the first week of not having to pull pumps for cleaning."

Shawn Bailey
Gull Lake Beach and Resort
Nisswa, MN

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